Hiss Orbiter



The Hiss Orbiter is a bass drive pedal. With 100% vintage audio and two switches working in series, this pedal heats up your instrument’s signal and pushes it into ranges from subtle, dynamic overdrives to bite-sized distortions. The second switch adds fuzz to the drive structure taking the sound somewhere else. The harmonics multiply as we go through the expander control and we enter the dimensions of the octafuzz.

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Hiss Orbiter Inspira Fx


When switching the pedal on, a sequence of gain stages is launched including OPAMPS, MOSFETS and JFET.  The mix between the clean bass (which excludes the high frequencies) and the saturated signal is controlled via the low end knob. The high pass sets the cutoff for low frequencies that are not meant to enter the drive section. The pedal has an excellent dynamic, responding both to the volume control of the instrument and the intensity of your playing.

Hiss Orbiter Inspira Fx

Fuzz & Expander

Activating the FUZZ adds a new sequence to the previous one, which now includes a configuration of BJT transistors. This adds—in addition to saturation—an octave-up character and ring modulation as well. With this mode activated, the tone control of your instrument becomes very important, to level the frequencies that are triggered from this device. In turn, the expand control exponentially increases the number of harmonics as turn it clockwise, reaching in some settings an exquisite hiss that celebrates the beauty of chaos.

Controls & Specifications


Only with 9VDC power supply, negative center polarity with 2.1mm plug (standard power).


Maximum: 85mA




Use only power supply designed to power effects pedals, properly regulated and filtered. Verify that they meet the specific voltage, polarity and consumption requirements of each pedal. Do not power the pedal with a voltage higher than 9VDC.

Improper power supply of the pedal, can cause failures that are not covered by the warranty.


Hiss Orbiter Data Sheet