Hand crafted analog effects from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Inspira Fx

The project officially begins in 2016, although in reality the curiosity and obsession with effects goes back much further.

Discovering an effect and incorporating it into your sound is a one way trip. It’s a kind of reveal that introduces a whole new world of voices and tones, and it almost feels like the effect finds you, and at the same time finds a new version of itself. At least for us, our first pedal was a revelation, and this happened at a time when —with the exception of second-hand pedals or those that arrived in a suitcase from abroad— there did not exist, nor does there exist today in Uruguay a great offer of quality equipment at a reasonable cost.

Do it yourself

The difficulty in accessing some boutique pedals or even the entire catalog of the big brands, made us start investigating how to build pedals ourselves. The first thing was to experiment with the pedals we had, we took them apart and put them back together, drilled holes in them, and added functionality. Later the first amplifier. Little by little we got deeper and at some point we knew there was no going back. It didn’t take long from there until we started working on a first prototype that would later be called Tube Killer.

Inspira Fx - Analog Effects