Analog Effects hand-made in Uruguay

Inspira Analog Effects

INSPIRA officially began as a project in 2016, but in fact curiosity and obsession for analog effects comes from far behind.

The revelation

When you discover an effect and incorporate it into your own sound, it is very unlikely that it just stops there, it’s a kind of revelation that presents a new world of voices and tones, and it feels almost like the effect found you and finds a new version of itself. At least for us, our first pedal was a revelation, and this happened at a time when —except for second hand pedals or for those who arrived in a suitcase from abroad— there was not, nor does it exist today in Uruguay, a great offer of quality equipment at a reasonable cost.

The begining

The difficulty in accessing some boutique pedals or even the complete catalog of the big brands, made us begin to investigate how to build pedals ourselves. The first thing was to experiment with the pedals we had, we disassembled and reassembled them, we punched them and added functionalities, then came a regulated source and the first guitar head. Little by little we got more into it and at some point we knew that there was no return. It was not long from there until we started working on a first prototype that would later be called BLOODY FUZZ.

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